WIT 2014 | Beni Gassenbauer

Beni Gassenbauer was born in France in 1949 and settled in Jerusalem in 1976.  His vocational training was developed by attending the workshops and lessons of leading Israeli art teachers (Marek Yanai, Bezalel Academy of Art; Nahada Gafni; Tami Bezaleli; Derek Stein).   Beni always preferred watercolor because this medium enables him to depict the deep dark shadow and the harsh mediterraneen sun and to show the contrasts of colors, space and details. His subjects are always painted from reality, accentuating its poetical side and transmitting to the audience Beni’s deep feelings of quietness and peace.  Beni exhibits in several well known galleries in Israel, Switzerland, Canada. His paintings have been sold to many collectors in different parts of the world, and he has presented numerous exhibitions in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York, Lausanne, Paris and Strasbourg. His watercolors were also exhibited at The World Watermedia Exposition, Thailand in Bangkok, and the « Re-Interpretation » International Watercolour Exhibition in China (Taicang City Museum, Suzhou Art Museum, China Sculpture Gallery Qingdao).

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