WIT 2014 | Igor Sava

Igor Sava was born in 16/05/1973 in Kotovsk, ex. Soviet Union. In 1993 he had frequented “Ilya Repin” high artistic school in Chisinau, Repubblic of Moldova.

After that he had received the grafic design degree from the West Timisoara University in 1999, he had moved to live in Rome, Italy, where he had frequented the Fine Art Academy of Rome .

He had held and participated in many painting exhibitions some of those are linked in the following :

·         2011 Art Simposium Dolni Lucavice.  Ceck Republic;
·         2012 Personal exhibition at Russion science and cultural center, Roma.  Italy;
·         2012 Painting Contest  ‘’ Premio Catel 2012’’, Roma. Italy;
·         2013 Personal exhibition for the International Festival “Dei Giovani Talenti”, Roma- Italy;
·         2013 Exhibition at  Civil Museum of Albano-Italy;
·         2013 International Mediteranian Watercolor Festival, Izmir.- Turkey;
·         2013 Exhibition at the  First Watercolor Biannual, Livezzano- Italy;
·         2013 Guangxi international exhibition seminar and painting session,     China;
·         2013 Shenzhen Watercolor Biennial, China;
·         2013  Watercolor Exhibition in Fabriano - Italy;
·         2014 Cappadocia Watercolor Biennial, Cappadocia - Turkey;
·         2014 The World Watermedia Exposition, Thailand.

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