WIT 2014 | Martine Vanparijs

Self-educated and practicing drawing since childhood , I’ve discovered watercolor in the early 90’s. I get inspired by my travels. Passionate about animals, marines and now portraits, I also like to work on new topics. I grant privileges to detail, transparency pigments and light. In my opinion, watercolor always starts with a favorite subject. Afterwards the pencil, brushes, pigments and water get together to play on the paper. Then the subject takes shape and happiness comes. I’m constantly looking to evolve ... but how far will I get? Questioning myself, confronting others by taking part in contests and sharing my experience by animating some workshops are my main concerns.
My exhibited works in Belgium and abroad have received numerous awards
- Belgium  : Libramont , Mol , Mons, Namur
- France :  Narbonne, Gaillon , Limoux, Uckange, Toulouse
- Sweden : Stockholm
- Italy : Fabriano
Member of the Watercolour Institute of Belgium ( AIB )

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