The first delivery of marbles and their placement in pictures

Three weeks ago we have received the first 33 volumes of marble from the island of Thassos in Antiques House, delivered directly from the quarry. In the following weeks several more volumes -more than 100- have arrived. The images below show the process we keep repeating for each volume, to be laid in a processing base for each sculptor separately. The images show the delivery of marbles by the quarry people and the steps we take for a single volume, along with the sculptor that selected it to be transformed into a statue, Mr. Thanos Karonis.

The intiative of Stavros Muronidis, along with his associates in Antiques House and Myrό Gallery is extensive and has a great potential. It started about two months ago, with Mr. Muronidis vision to launch a project to communicating, making known and attract interest in the greek contemporary sculpting, especially marble sculpting -a greek 3000 years tradition- and bronze, materials that remain intact in time, and have delivered the very best part of the greek art for centuries.

The commitment to the project is strong, considering that the initial investment consists of more than  a 100 volumes, while, this numbered will be doubled by the end of the period. For the current phase of the initiative please read HERE.

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